Prefold Diapers, Unbleached Organic Cotton - 6 Pack

Prefold Diapers, Unbleached Organic Cotton - 6 Pack

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Natural fiber

Made of 100% unbleached organic cotton. 5x9x5 ply for both sizes.

    Diapering with ease

    • No complicated folds required
    • Use with a fastener (i.e. Snappi) to wrap around the baby
    • Makes great inserts for covers and pocket diapers
    • Multiple uses beyond cloth diapering - burp cloth, cleaning rags, changing mats...

    Size (before washing)

    Newborn - 12" x 13"

    Infant - 14.25" x 15.25"


      Wash on hot a few times. Tumble dry low or line dry.


      Prewash warm (110-90 F/43-32 C). Wash hot (130F/55C). Do not use bleach or softeners. Tumble dry low (not exceeding 130F/55C) or line dry. Following the proper care instructions helps prolong the life of the product.


      100% unbleached organic cotton


      • CPSIA compliant
      • Made in Pakistan